Hello 2019, are we ready for you?

Just few days shy of welcoming 2019, I lost my phone.

I could curse & blame the world for my misfortune. I could swear and kick that person who gave the wisdom that shit happens. I could go into rage and focus on how unlucky to start the New Year without my prized P20 Pro (best camera phone ever!).

Or I could take a step back and embrace the moment…

I chose to reflect on the whys immediately. Why was I so careless? Why didn’t I try to be extra cautious, especially if this has happened before? And then the questions started to go deeper. Why is this repeated? Why don’t I have an attachment to small things? Ah and that’s when I realize, yes 2019 is beginning to breathe down my neck…

I’m going to leave to another post to talk about what being without a phone is like for a phone-addict. I will however, leave this post reflecting what change will I make for 2019? What will make me happy or happier? What will the New Me be in the New Year?

Sometimes, a new wardrobe helps. Really.





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